Question about organizing guides

Rich Cowan (
Sat, 24 Aug 1996 21:05:49 -0400

A question for all of you.

I'm wondering if any campus oriented organizing guides were
distributed during the 60s or 70s in mass quantities (greater
than 10,000 copies) all over the country.

CCO created a campus organizing guide last year and has
now distributed 24,000 copies. I'm wondering what kind of
statement I can make about how the scale of this effort
compares to the scale of similar efforts during the 60s.

To help those of you racking your brains:

-I ought to ask Michael Klare how many copies of NACLA's
"The University-Military Complex: A directory and related documents"
were distributed. Anyone out there use that?

-Did SDS mass-distribute any organizing guides as part of
New Left Notes, say in conjunction with the planning of the
Moratorium Actions.

Thanks to all of you helping to fill our historical gaps.

-rich cowan

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