RE: Just when you thought the 60s were over . . .

drieux H. (
Wed, 7 Aug 1996 17:21:18 -0400

] As the week progresses, I'll try to keep the list posted on the Convention
] as it relates to the 60s; that is, if I ever leave my closet.
] Maggie

Now be fair, the Democrats had their '68 convention
to work out what they thought they meant by an
inclusive and tolerant Gathering of their Party was
all about and what it was going to Mean.

It's clearly Time, what with the Great Success of
the Popular Revolution of the Reagan Revolution now
facing criticism as being really a part of that whole
RedKommunistDominatedDemocraticPartyPropoganda since
clearly the Current GreatProletarianKulturalRevolution
of the "Contract On America" has brought us to the New
"New Day in America" for the G.O.P. to have an opportunity
to resolve if it will continue the Holy Quest to stay in
Power, or simply fall apart on the Schoals of Radical Activism!!!

This realy is not all that different from the problems that
Plagued the Deomocrats during the Sixties, as they had to
resolve to what level they were going to continue the
RedKommunistDominatedPolicies of FDR, including his Great
Fix for the Economy of Getting America into a War Abroad,
and how much of the Flawed Reasoning of FDR would need to
be repudiated to retain some control over the East Coast
Power Elites, and the Mavens of Wall Street.

One Sometimes wonders if things in the Sixties would have been
better if the Democrats had remember'd FDR's policies and been
'neutral' on sending some "Flying Tiger" and/or "Lincoln Brigade"
off to Vietnam, rather than so directly connecting american Imperialist
Efforts by using the CIA and MAACV. Granted, the Idea of sending
American Air Pirates to both China and Great Britain was better managed
since it was NOT as Clear to folks then that it was all a Part of the
American Imperialist Plot Of Global Domination, which is half of the
BEAUTY of such Operations!!!

Hopefully we will see the G.O.P. Rally and be able to resolve
problems around the world by sending off "Lincoln Brigades" to
defeat Nationalist Sentiment, rather than running the Riskier
Policy of sending children who's parents are Voters in their District!

As for the abortion issue, simply because there is an apparent
rise in a White Underclass in america that parrallels the rise
of the 'right to life in poverty' movement is to miss the core
problem, namely that thirty years ago there was a "Summer of Love"
and it's moral decay is clearly plaguing the USA with it's complete
lack of commitment to american ideals of Moral Purity and Poverty
for those who have more children than they can afford to take care of.

If we are to solve the "immigration crisis" in america, we will
NEED an underclass willing to fight it out for those low paying jobs
without benifits, or future!!! We will NEED this Newly Forming
Underclass to Man the Prison Walls as we move forward to making
America a Nicer and Safer Place to Live!!!! Besides, who will there
be to put up the walls to seal in the Ghettoes if we do not have a
committed UnderClass yearning to advance their position by GooseStepping
over the Backs of the Even Less Fortunate!!!!

Clearly you can't be advocating a return to the Failed Policies of
the Sixties in some Hide Bound Reactionary Knee Jerk affirmation of
the Glories of Days Gone Past!!!!

It's Time to be Progressive and Radical!!!!