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Elizabeth Gips (
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 13:10:11 -0400

Ther hippies I knew wore clothing to pictorialize their fantasies.
There were mountain men and cowboys and chinese philosophers. There were
fairy women in lace tablecloths and long skirts that moved like clouds. I
won't go on, but, goodness where were you?
The look in the Haight Ashbury was alwys colorful, often beautiful
and rarely drab.
Not like the Beatniks with their black threads. They were the ones
wore bluejeans when they weren't in black leotards with black t shirts with
black hats.
The hippies y'all seem to have known certainly weren't the same
ones I saw every day!!
love, Elizabeth

Oh, I'd like to add that when I had the big mansion on Ashbury, the Gypsy
Jokers, a bike crowd from Detroit, stayed with me when they came to S.F. to
buy acid to bring back home. They always protected me, not that I needed
it, and behaved wonderfully, if colorfully, when they were my guests!

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