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Elizabeth Gips (
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 13:08:23 -0400

I've been reaading all the Easy Rider dialogue - actually the ONLY movie
made from INSIDE THE MOVEMENT has been named and renamed, Infinity Equals
One, The Summer of Love, and I'm not sure what Pierre is calling it now.
It's a"home" movie with amazing tecniques for the time and badly in need of
excellent editing. Full length. Actually, I think the hours of take-outs
may be worth even more historically than the movie which has, for instance,
scenes of a girls first acid trip, a coke deal on Haight St., lots of be-in
shots, my house on Ashbury (The House on Love Street), and, as they say in
the ads, much much more.
Pierre lives here in Santa Cruz. I'm out of touch and don't know if
he has an e-mail address. However, if anyone is interested, I can 1) give
you his phone number or 2)call him myself to get his email address.
He's an old coot, like me, and we certainly haven't got too long to
go. I'd really like to see the film properly archived and protected. He
has some personality things at this point that may stand in the way, but
it's definately worth a try. THIS FILM, I SAY AGAIN, IS THE ONLY ONE MADE

love and good things from Elizabeth

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