Cultural Transitions

drieux H. (
Wed, 26 Jun 1996 16:14:01 -0400

] John Pastore's interesting response re. Easy Rider & hippies & rednecks brought
] to mind a thought that's popped in & out of my head from time to time: it might
] be interesting to trace the linkage between the hippie styles --especially
] jeans, flannel shirts, and long hair (males)-- and the fact that the most
] common place one seems to find these now (I think) are among pickup-driving
] working class males.... If I'm right about this, it's interesting because the
] working class IN the 60s was so hostile to the hippie phenomenon (e.g., the
] "rednecks")... What happened? Any theories?
] Ted Morgan

You will also notice that the 'dap' which had been
in the sixties and early seventies, predominantly an
afro-american 'hand shake' ritual would also transition
into the predominantly 'white blue collar' culture as well.

There is a bit of a Divide, of sorts, in the WarMonger Community
over the 'obligatory' pony tail, and whether or not one is out
of 'uniform' without one now. Someone out there is now selling
baseball caps with a ponytail attached, and it is a point of
comedy amongst veterans. I of course defend mine based upon the
long standing family tradition that my forefather's wore them
in opposition to the whigs.... But I'm a 'traditional' as some
of my Native American Friends suggest, just from a 'different' tribe.

While we are this way wandering, what about the "Castro Street Uniform"
that was apparently originally stolen from the working class, what with
it's plaid flannel shirt, jeans, and work boots. There is a Butch Faction
in the Gay Community that is all Excited about Camo BDU's, which has me
a tad bit concerned.

What concerns me more is that this morning I woke up to find my
"Old Navy" Cotton Clothing, Duking it out with my "Dockers" for
pier side preference, and worst of all, how did these become the
Silicon Valley Uniform?