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I'm just getting caught up with yesterday's e-mail, so if this has already
been answered (in a message I haven't gotten to yet), my apologies for the

An essay entitled "The Student as Nigger" by Jerry Farber appears in the
book TTHE RHETORIC OF "NO", edited by Ray Fabrizio, Edith Karas, and Ruth
Menmuir (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., 1970). The book is a
collection of polemic essays, probably intended as models for an English
Composition class. A footnote on the first page of the essay gives more
information. I will quote it in full below:

"The story 'The Student as Nigger' is reprinted by permission of Contact
Books, 6340 Coldwater Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood, California. The
book THE STUDENT AS NIGGER is copyrighted (Copyrighted c 1969) and
published by Contact Books, 6340 Coldwater Canyon Boulevatd, North
Hollywood, California ($2.95)."

Hope this is helpful.

Justin Gustainis
Department of Communication


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Gerry Farber in English at San Diego State University did an article and
book with that title. He could be contacted at SDSU.

Jim Wood


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See Jerry Farber, *The Student as Nigger: Essays and Stories.* There's a
Pocket Books edition published
in 1970, but I believe it was originally published in 1969.

Jeff Turner
Tulane University


The Center for Campus Organizing, in Cambridge, MA, has a small archive
of 60's documents including a published copy of "The Student as Nigger."
Please call so I can get you the info on publication date and copyright.

Regarding the general issue of photos of the Free Speech movement,
CCO has created a poster commemorating the movement, and we contacted the
Oakland Tribune, and found that the photographer who took photos from then,
Ron Riesterer, still worked for the paper 30 years later.

CCO obtained copies of those photos and rights, for $50, to use one of them
in a poster, which was completed last September.

It is a 17" x 22" striking poster on recycled, heavy stock.
On the top, it says:

"Free Speech and Campus Democracy"

In smaller print, in the photo, it says,

"Students at Berkeley
1 9 6 4
Free Speech Movement"

On the bottom, it says

"We Still have a World to Change."

Finally, it gives the name of our organization (incorporated in 1994),
and says:

"Send $1 for a "Campus Organizing Guide for Peace & Justice Groups" and
on receiving "Action Inserts" on any of 25 Student Activist Issues."
In 1995 we distributed 20,000 of these organizing guides and would be happy
to sell them in bulk to anyone who wants to keep the spirit of activism on
campuses alive.

Also, if you want the poster, please send us a check for $8. Any
please give our staff a call at (617) 354-9363.

-rich cowan