Test of Will or Triumph of Wills

drieux H. (drieux@wetware.com)
Fri, 21 Jun 1996 22:57:29 -0400

What I have been trying to figure out,
in light of the AngstFests about revisionism
and all of that, is how do we answer the
assertions that the vietnam war was a
'test of wills' to which the USA failed.
As well as the concerns that this Failure
would lead to the collapse of Civilization
as we Know it.

Clearly in light of the PLA's use of Nixonian
Tactics at Tien An Mien Square against those
EvilRedKommunistDominatedLiberals who were
challenging the Establishment, it should be
OBVIOUS that our failure of Will HAS lead to
the Collapse of Civilization as we knew it.

But do we chaulk up the "Chicago Style Gangsterism"
as it is being played out in the Political Sandbox of
Mother Russia's first Hard Corp, No Holds Barred,
and Yes, Politicians DO occasionally do the Polka,
Presidentail Campaign, as a Plus or Minus in this
whole 'triumph of wills'????

Being but two simple Illustrations of the Outcome
of our Most Glorious Struggle Against the RedHordes.

We speak of the 'british invasion' - but this was
merely american 'R&B' come home to visit - and as
every Rocker in the world KNEW, to make it, you
had to Make it in America. Pink Floyd would do it's
Great Showboating at the Berlin Wall, doing the
quintessential Made for Cable TV Bigger than Stadium Rock
presentation of 'the wall' - and would this have even
been possible had Our Valiant Fighting Forces on the
Far Flung Corners of of the American Empire Stood
Four Square Against the Threat Of Red Kommunism.

Who can Forget JFK's STIRRING Words when he stood
at the Wall and said:

"I am a German Pastry."[1]

In his Heroic Challenge to the RedHordes to test
the substance of his Personal Commitment. They in
turn would Threaten America First in Cuba, where
Kennedy KNEW that this was all about Berlin, and
again in the Rice Paddies, and Mountains of Vietnam.

Thus is the current state of the world contingent
upon the Tenacity Shown By Our Valiant Fighting Forces
in Vietnam, who in the Contest of Wills Beat PAVN at
every Turn. Or is the current state of the world the
sorry and tragic outcome of the Clear Failure of the
Liberal Policy on Vietnam, with it's flawed understanding
of the indigenous cultural heritage of a NonEuroCentric
PostNeoKolonialist Peace Loving Vietnamese.

Or perchance, it is the case that some things evolve
independent of the AmericoCentrism which dominated
the sixties making American PopKultIcons the images
of the age, and the Mythological Perception that
America Alone could define the world, and make it
over in it's image.


[1] if you actually translate his FRACTURED german,
you find that this can be taken as a literal translation,
just as it is the case that americans use the term 'hamburger'
to refer to a chopped beef load served in a bun.