The Sixties Crisis of Faith has not ended.

drieux H. (
Wed, 5 Jun 1996 08:12:34 -0400

] Just to reiterate what Maggie Jaffe and others have already noted: four
] of my grandmother's seven sisters had illegal abortions BEFORE World
] War I. Before, that is, the permissive Roaring 20s, let alone the
] 1960s. The association between the '60s and the existence of abortion
] is gratuitous. What does connect the two is the movement for legal and
] safe abortions.
] The idea that a fetus is a child is a logic by which every one of my
] sperm might be "a child"--it's spurious and based not on sense but on a
] deeper desire to control other people.
] No thanks,
] Ron Silliman

What has made the debating of this topic even
harder to comprehend, as it just popped up on CNN,
is that with the arrival of new invitro-fertilization
methodologies, also started by the EVIL DEMONIC
the problem that with multiple emplants, there is
a greater risk to the whole collection of fetuses
'in womb' and the absolutely marvelous refutation
of 'selective disemplanting' predicated upon leaving
it up to 'god' to choose who lives.

It is thus interesting to see where 'reasoning' ends
and 'faith begins, now that there exists a level of
socially acceptable technology that provides solutions
where prayer once was the sole recourse. I say this having
had the fun time of studying apologetics at an institution
that considered Oral Roberts to be a Liberal, and on the
HighWayToHell. But even these people, who's roots were
firmly planted in the Tent Revivals, would capitulate
first to the Demon Radio and then to the Demon Television
and Follow Oral on the Fast Track to Gehenna. So it is with
some fondness that I remember a Poster my father had found
that had a nice 'church group' gathered there listening to
the nice Preacher standing at the pulpit, and there in the
front row, asleep, is a 'christ figure' complete with crown
of thrones and bleeding wounds, with a copy of the village
voice falling slowly off his lap.

{ I pause here to cheer on marc j. gilbert and the refutation
of an anachronistic critique of C. Columbus, in these NeuvoEverSoHip
denunciation of the Marginally Literate by those who some how Mystically
wish everyone to Believe that the Conguistador's were God's Holy
Elect to bring Christianity to the Savages, and therein justify
their very own failure of faith, and their desire to restore the
Inquisition to protect themselves from the faithful. Granted, for
those who are too Dim Witted to be unaware of the Critques of the
Barbarisms Perpetrated in the name of the church from within the
time frame deserve to play kissy face with RushLimbiots. }

While everyone is nicely lining up the Great Debate about
which PopKultIcon of the Sixties lead to the largest Body Count,
interesting and perchance poetic that the Great Legacy of the
that is the whole Body Count Game, perchance they might also
find the correct catagorization for things like the number of
GreyFlannelSuits who limped gracelessly into the Grave having
never once breathed life at all. And what of those women who
would through slow dilligence and support of those around them
finally find their way free of the fifties, and fifties revivalist,
chains of bondage and become full orbed human beings and not merely
the 'wives and mothers, as wholely owned subsidiaries of a male person'
based upon the restoration of faith brought on, in part by the great
questionings that finds it's roots in the Crisis of Faith that is
the Sixties.

Should we run off and Scream Holy Hossannah's because the Japanese
system of "State Corporatism" - once less pleasantly known as
mere fascism - has beat the SNOT out of Korporate America, and
as such we should all be Trooping off to become one with the
REALLY GREAT KORPORATE STATE, or might we step back and giggle at
the impending 'sixties revival' that may well mess up the Japanese
way of life, as they too start questioning whether there is more
to life than merely working for the Great Corporation. { Not like
the USA ever had any Nerve Gas Hurling Holy Mystics to advocate
the REALLY BAD and False Doctrines of False Profits. } Oh dear that
really is not as simple as it looks, as I think it was the Really Bad
People of the Sixties who were interesting in beating the Snot out
of Korporate Amerika, and not the Local Young Americans For Free Profits.

What also has me confused is whether I should be alligning myself
with the 'dirt worshippers' or with the NeuvoHighTechHoliness
of the Great SiliconBeastWorshippers who's love of body counts
seeks to avoid the core issues of the crisis of faith.

I of course, MUST blame the Vile and Evil Sixties and the Really
BAD people for a series of theological questions that annoy me
to this very day, namely:

"what was kosher when Father Abraham left Ur of the Chaldees?"

But that way does not lead to getting to beat on either
group of EVIL PEOPLE who were spawned by the Vile Sixties.


Spike Lee, Gnewt Gingrich,
Products of Sixties Radicalism,
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