Dr. Timothy Leary

Elizabeth Gips (changes@cruzio.com)
Wed, 5 Jun 1996 08:14:22 -0400

Surely you scholars of the sixties must be interested in the death
of one of the most powerful, radical and history-creating icons. Timothy
Leary said that he wanted his death to help cure the American fear of
death. He did his best, dying happily, surrounded by friends. They say
his last words were, "Why not?" and then "Yeah!"
The morning before he died, he woke up saying, "What are we going to
do today to make the world happier ?"
Castigated because he democratized mysticism which the world has
traditionally feared (as in the Inquisition or the execution of Socrates,
the obliteration of the name of Ikhnaton etc. etc.), he spent years in
prison, locked up in solitary. For a few joints of marijuana.
A leading researcher on the maps of the brain, he was told to leave
Harvard after the Good Friday and other experiments.
Just as earlier, the atom bomb and the discovery of LSD were
balances of a good/evil continuum, so Vietnam and The Haight Ashbury
experiences of god and realities way beyond anything we had been taught,
were balancing ends of a continuum that seems to dance eternally through
time/space. Interactive, they should be taught as a unit, not as separate
Dr. Timothy Leary has passed on. Perhaps now that he is dead, his
contributions to evolution will be acknowledged.
May you all sleep well and wake up each morning
wondering what you can do to make the world happier!

In peace, Elizabeth Gips

"Delusion may last for infinitely long periods of time. Enlightenment
comes in an instant." Hui-neng - the 6th Chinese Patriarch
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