Re: re: Art in the Sixties
Wed, 22 May 1996 16:16:35 -0400

I think that what people call "ARTS and CRAFTS" were very strong, and should
be considered in any discussion or class about visual arts in the 60's.

A lot of art was in, and being done in people's homes -
things like macrame, beads, crochet (remember crocheted bikini's, and vests),
as well as fabrics (ie. Marimekko) and clothing (ie. tye-dying). Home-made
and/or custom clothes were more in fashion than now, look at Jimi Hendrix as
an excellent example.

Crafts are coming back slightly, there are now bead stores around Boston and
other cities, but just about all the fabric and craft stores closed.

This brings up the question of "high art" vs. "low art." Meaning that these
home arts could be considered "low art." But I would argue that they are not
"low" at all. While they may represent crafts that a lot of people learned
and applied (without going to school for it), it also allowed for a new way
for people to communicate.

Because art was more out on the streets, it allowed for a growing dialogue
between people where just walking down the street and looking around, you
were able to learn and communicate.

I beleive that these arts and crafts were more than means of self-expression,
it was cultural communication
- if that makes sense.