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Hello --
Am I reading this right? Is this a contention that giving up to the
purely instinctual and over-riding the rational is an ideal "teaching"
experience? I am always concerned about who controls the environment in
which I am supposed "let loose" and respond emotionally or instinctively
or by intuition.
I grew up as a preacher's kid in conservative climes, yet even within
such "strait-laced" systems of belief, there were numerous occasions when
leaders of one stripe or another took great pains to have people "let go"
and head to the direction of belief or monetary giving or pledge of
activity or pledge of reformed life that the event organizers had placed
on the group agenda.
During my military training, I had surplus exposure to US government
propaganda, and to the political output of North Viet Nam, and I saw that
a "true believer" in conservative religious dogma or in a "civil
religion" of US flag worship, or in "class warfare" dogma had basic
extremities in emotional commitment or surrender of feeling to a group
Some of my conservative companions do not want to hear how
much they resemble in their behaviour and thought patterns adherents of
dogmas which my companions oppose.
One result of being young during the Sixties -- for me -- has been to
strive for a measure of rationality, hoping to counter at least a little
bit of "group think" and "group feel" that washes our daily life
constantly via advertising and political rhetoric and religious
rhetoric. Thus I have no immediate plans to experience either a "rave"
or a Promisekeepers stadium-packing event. The reading I have done about
pre-WW II Germany has included remarks by ordinary folk who admitted how
good it felt to be part of those great torchlight parades, the marching
songs, the national "unity" ... I want to retain wit enough to be able
to say "Well, yes, but...," and be able to hear and march to a different,
and possibly rational, beat.

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On Tue, 21 May 1996, Elizabeth Gips wrote:

> >
> >Never antyhing like it previously and certainly nothing to rival or equal
> >it since.
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> The acid tests were great. The best of the current raves are also great.
> When academia goes to a rave, understands the body as a vehicle of
> transformational consciousness and allows the beat of rock to penetrate its
> chest and genitals and the flash of lightshows and video screens to
> overtake its sensory equipment, we shall have p[rogressed far in
> understanding what true teaching is, whether of the 60's or 90's!!
> love, Elizabeth
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