Re: FIlm as History, History as Film

Marc J. Gilbert (
Tue, 21 May 1996 15:20:39 -0400

Thanks to some timely help on this net, I was able to assist in a
great debate conducted by my honors students on the topic of film as
history. Backed by the "book learning supplied by the net, The
students used clips from Green Beret and Go Tell the Spartans
(favorite clips John Clark Pratt and I have used for years
and John is doing great work recently with the addition of Tour of
Duty and China Beach clips) to show different perceptions of the war
(noble cause, mad house; innacurate pseudo-realism and accurate "story
truth realism") and offer some mature and near-mature opinions on

Thanks folks!

P.S. To all my friends out there, North Georgia College will on July
1, we are told, become a state university. This will not add a cent
to our library budget.