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I saw Underground back in 1976 when it came out. I feel it should be
released in video form for us to rewmember the days of the Weather
Underground and for our youth to observe history as it was being made by
the participants
There has been too much historical revisionism being thrown in our faces
(i.e., the Warren Report) and this shit must stop and the truth about
that era must come out.
Aron Kay-Yippie! Pie Thrower
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> Subject: "Underground" documentary/Attica
> 1) Has anyone seen the documentary done in 1975 called "Underground"? It
> was filmed by Haskell Wexler and is an interview of 5 members of the
> Weather Underground. Hearing those voices 20 years ago, talking about
> revolution...what struck me was how young they sounded (and in 1975 I was
> 22) and while they were somewhat dogmatic, they showed true belief. I keep
> trying to understand what made some of us go in that direction and some go
> in a different one, and this helped a bit to understand.
> 2) During the documentary, there was mention of Attica and it reminded me
> that the 25th anniversary of the ATtica rebellion is in a few months. Does
> anyone know of anything being done to commemorate this event?
> Andi