Re: The Sixties as Death of Innocence

Elizabeth Gips (
Sat, 11 May 1996 14:07:57 -0400

>LSD was going to expand people's Minds, as long as the PinHead in the
>lab had actually learned good lab technique and didn't screw up the process.
>No need to waste time meditating, or actually learning in schools, just
>suck down that Technological Solution and Presto the River Jordan is Crossed.

I don't know how accurate your other information is, but this is totally wrong.
On the contrary, most of us who ingested LSD at that time, went
immediately to spiritual teachers which is exactly why they all flocked to
the Haight
Ashbury. >within a few months Tarthang .tulku, Prabupad, Asoke Fakir, Suzuki
Roshi, Mirshad Sam Lewi, Stephen Gaskin and countless other Teachers came
from many countries including ours.
We meditated, hare krishnad, hatha yoga'd; we sang sufi songs and
did their dances, we immersed ourselves in the teachings of both the past
and the present to try to synthesize this new experience which made a lie
out of much of what we had been taught.

Be careful throwing your prejudices around!

"Justice is the content when empathy is the form" the I Ching more or less
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