The Sexual Revolution in the Sixties???

drieux H. (
Fri, 10 May 1996 23:31:58 -0400

To be honest folks, I missed it, I was out of area at
the time. So it is a matter of some concern that I find
out what was really going on, and whether the term denotes
merely the fact that Playboy was no longer deemed pornographic
or the fact that once again americans were allowing women to
do what women had always done prior to the arrival of the
"Quest for Kultur" - or "how to ape the Victorians."

{ Something that I have always attributed to the Tory Stay
Behind Forces committed to subverting the American Revolution. }

I hate to sound like some variant of 'men are from mars,
women are just not understandable' - but it seems that a
part of the dialectical tension in the sixties was that so
many of the 'main stream' males considered the 'sexual
revolution' in the former sense, while so many NonMales
were interested in the later model.

I shall, therefore leave the "women's issue" portions to other
to debate and present the irony of a conversation from a recent
wedding reception to mark that things have been far too complicated
by the failure of the 'sexual revolution steering committee' to
clarify the korrekt party position.

Allow me to refer to my 'antagonist' as "dave" - and if he wishes
to out himself some day, that is fine. I had wondered if he were gay,
and he was quite clear about it at the conversation. But what put us
at logger heads was the fact that he is into wearing 'camo' gear as
a part of that 'butch statement' thing in his quadrant of the gay
community. But is COMPLETELY opposed to it's "militarist" component.
I of course come from the Completely Opposite Side of the Coin, and
will ONLY wear my Itai Parachute Blouse as the family's 'in joke' about
"why jump out of a good plane just to surrender" - and am hard at work
trying to STOP the 'butch statement' Stuff in the Hetro Community where
so many can not tell which is their Rifle and Which is their Gun, something
that any Marine Corp DI at parris island will be more than willing to
help them understand.

Clearly it is either the case that the 'sexual revolution' has been
at least moderately successful in some respects, since dave and I were
able to carry on this much heated debate, and Freak a few of the
StraightCivilianPukes at the other tables, Or clearly it is the sign
of the TOTAL FAILURE of the 'sexual revolution' that so many limpdickHetBoys
are still so TRAGICALLY confused about the basics.

Granted I sit in that ugly "John Wayne" seat that obliges me to point
out to NiceNeoCons that they can 'bash faggots' with anyone they wish,
but I will Be DAMNED if they are going to pick on my 'pecker checker'[1]
vet brothers merely because on their Liberty Call they chase Guys. I guess
it does not help my argument, since I married my #2, and she wound up
producing the family legacy....

But I guess when one starts from the perspective that Shrapnel does not
discriminate based upon Age, Race, Creed, Sex or Affectional Preference
the minor matters of what folks do on Liberty Call is up to them.

I still, though, would prefer it if "dave" would dress up like
Lawyers, Stock Brokers, or College Professors to SCARE the little
Children about his 'butch attitude' rather than dressing up in
my work uniform. Or maybe, if we pointed out to the hetboys that
dressing up in Camo is a Gay thing......


[1] 'pecker checker' is an old family name for corpman/medic, going
back to the days of needing to check for various sexually transmitted
diseases. And for those who may not have heard it, one of the older gags
in the fleet is to refer to some corpman as 'the other straight corpman'.