Re: The Sixties as Death of Innocence

drieux H. (
Fri, 10 May 1996 11:15:22 -0400

One of our memebers sent me a back channel message
indicating that he remembered some photograph in
Look or Life that had a photogragh on one page with
the Russian's Wailing on Czech students, during the
Praha Spring, while on the other page there was a
picture of the Chicago Police, in their little riot.

To him it is note worthy that there has been so little
commentary on this, and I fear that it does NOT surprise
me at all.

If you slam Stalinists, you are an AntiCommunist.
If you slam the JuntaOfTheMonth, you are a RedSymph.

And so few americans are willing to take the pain to
work through the complications of being AntiFascist,
and seeking to hold to one simple standard. Like
Fornicating, it all looks pretty in the Movies,
but it tends to be sweaty and dirty in real life,
if you are doing it correctly.....

It was that way during the sixties, and it has not
changed all that much with the arrival of the
Tien An Men Square problem, or the complications
in the air space outside of havana. Or the first known
case when the Computer was right, but no one wanted to
take the time to ask it, when the Navy Brought down
an AttackKillerIranianAirBus....