Asking the Nasty Question

drieux H. (
Fri, 3 May 1996 10:16:49 -0400

On another list there is the ongoing debate about which
was the more 'artifical' construct in vietnam, the
Communist Regime of Ho, or the Western Puppet of Diem.

What became absolutel Comical Upon reflection was once
again remembering that when JFK was running for President
of the United States of America, back when the 'Religious Right'
considered Catholicism to be the First Cousin of Marxism as
a Spawn of Satan, there was GRAVE CONCERN that with a Papist
in the White House there would be a COMPLETE Collapse in the
Moral Fibre of Our Great White Christian Amerian Kultur.

So why is it that BOTH the RedKommunistDominatedLiberalMedia
and their RightWingReligiousAntaganists have jumped in bed together
to cover up this CORE CAUSE of the Sixties?