Winning the Vietnam War, et al

drieux H. (
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 19:48:35 -0400

] Not only did we win the Cold War--according to luminaries at the Lubbock
] conference on Reassessing the Vietnam War last weekend--we also won the
] Vietnam War.
] Randy

Personally I consider the Notion to be Best
Inclined to be spread evenly over an Organic
Farm for the purpose of putting nitrites back
into the ground.

But one can develop the argument, that with our
'abandonment' of vietnam to its fait, and the
playing of the 'china card' by nixon, that this
did lead to the speed up of the collapse of the
Soviet Union by allowing it to expand to it's
level of Incompetence.

Stalin had argued against the Creation of a 'Blue
Water Navy' considering Capital Ships to be merely
a means of putting the Ruling Class to Sea. But under
the Brehznev Regimes, the Red Banner Fleet would sail
out the First NEW BattleCruiser seen in decades with
the arrival of the Kirov Class. The very Conflict in
73/74 that would put the Americans to their Highest
level of alert in decades would NOT have been possible
without the creation of this 'Blue Water Navy'.

But hold it, that is before the Fall of Saigon, and the
lead time on hull construction, in ANYONE's boat factory
remains LONG. So clearly the corruption in the Soviet
Hegomonist System had been in place long before the 'height'
of the American involvement in Vietnam.

Ah that is Right, ADM Gorschov had Khruschev as his Political
Kommisar during the Great Patriotic War, so it becomes clear
that the Corruption is merely the injection of Khruschevite
Revisionism carried forward by the Great Red Banner Fleet
that had brought us both the Storming of the Winter Palace
as well as the Khronstadt Rebellion....

Relating this back to the 'sixties' so everyone can see the
tie in here. I find it less than fully truthful with the
american people that those persons with access to the
Operational Intelligence can be so disengenous to attempt
to butress a notion that they know will DIE ON THE VINE
when the OpIntel becomes declassified. Granted, a lot of
folks do NOT spend the time tracking Hulls, Hull Numbers,
and the time on the slip to commissioning of soviet
naval vessels, but to Hear that both Colby AND Zumwalt are
being this Amusing is just unfathomable.

For the Hypothesis to work, we MUST believe that the Intel
Section was aware of the Classical marxianist dialectical
analysis of the creation of a Blue Water Fleet for the
Soviet Union, in ways that they were NOT telling Congress
and the People at the Time, right on through to the Reagan Era.

To Invert Ho's Assertion about knowing they had won once
the Americans had put half a million americans in country,
the same is true about the 'cold war' when we finally saw
them get PAST the Moskva/Kiev class of boats and get a
real live 'super aircraft carrier' on the Slips, as well as
when they rolled out the SU-122 Self Propelled Artillery, as
both of these weapon systems would require a RADICALLY
Different Consciousness than had been made available under
the 'democratic centralism' that had been the stock in trade
for Red Army Operations.

If Colby, Zumwalt, et al, are going to argue this proposition,
then I would feel moderately safe in supporting them. I would
feel even SAFER if they would then continue that argument on
through to it's logical conclusion and argue that it is clearly
time for the USA to reap the rewards of our Victory and start
re-educating the Little JohnnyRamboWannaBe's about the state
and nature of the American Armed Forces and our Radical Ideology
as defenders of the American Way of Life, and not just as a
Welfare Program for the Military Industrial Complex and their
Fluffy little HetBoyBuddies.

But because they are NOT likely to argue the first proposition,
namely that we Obliged the Soviet Union to Adopt Operational
Requirements BEYOND the level available with 'democratic
centralism' and it's `hub to hub' massed artillery fire mentality,
and Hence FATHERED a Radical Change in Consciousness, I doubt that
they will Rally to the Flag to defend the Radical Change in
Consciousness CONUS that is Required to prevent the Armed Forces
of the USA from becoming one more PLA looking for a Tien An Min Square!

And it is upon this LATER proposition that I rest my case that
the Americans have UTTERLY FAILED to win the 'cold war' as they
have Utterly Failed to understand what the Real Debate Was About.