Re: Woodstock: do you remember?
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 21:49:00 -0400

Woodstock, the peace movement, women's liberation, the civil right's
movement, sexual freedom, concern for the environment, freedom of
speech...and the list goes on and on. How did we manage all this in the
apparent few lucid moments we enjoyed between LSD trips?
Well, the truth of the matter is that much of what transpired during the
sixties was the result of sincere and sober social concern and activism, and
not a manifestation of a drug induced purple haze and/or uncontrollable
libido. I bring this up probably in response to the myriad of queries I have
heard in the classroom over the years (and read in this forum) requesting
information concerning the relationship between sixties' folk music and
drugs, motion pictures and drugs, Woodstock and drugs, etc. While I can
understand, I guess, young people's fascination with the "drug culture," I
fear this "fascination" betrays a pervasive underlying perception
(hostility?)among post baby boomers that the focus of most activity during
the sixties was sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Being rather given to
conspiracy theories (probably the result of sexual over-indulgence, drug
experimentation, and listening to loud music), I tend to think that this
perception is not fortuitous. While I will leave the details of this
conspiracy to the next oliver Stone movie expose', suffice it to say that to
diminish the accomplishments of radicals strengthens conservatism, to degrade
activism for liberal causes engenders corporate greed, and to ridicule free
thinking encourages conformity and blind allegience.
Of course we must acknowledge drug use during that exciting decade, but at
the same time history must record, and we must celebrate, the true legacy of
the sixites, that is, the efforts and sacrifices of those who struggled for
causes and liberties which, after some twenty six years of complacency, we
all take for granted.
But then, what do I know, like Kirsten's parents, I guess I'm still stuck in
the sixties.

See ya

Camillo (Mac) Bica