Woodstock: do you remember?

dexter kirsten m (kmdext@mail.wm.edu)
Thu, 25 Apr 1996 08:19:44 -0400

Well, I am sure you have heard from many of my classmates, but I need
some info. My name is Kirsten Dexter, and I too attend W&M. The topic I
am writing on would be Woodstock. I am researching the Woodstock in '69
and '94. I am exploring the experience that people had in the Woodstock
of '69. Then, I am looking into '94 to see some of the basic
differences. I would really appreciate it if any of yall out there
remember the '69 experience, and could tell me some stories. If you went
to the both what was it like. Drug stories are welcome. Also if you
recommend me anything to read or watch, please enlighten me. The more
the merry. In addition, it will help me better understand my parents that
still haven't realized we no longer live in the 60's. It's all groovy though.
love always,