Re: vietnam:now and then

fickenscher ben a (
Mon, 22 Apr 1996 23:47:11 -0400

> i am a student at the college of william and mary, and i am
> collecting information to assist me in composing my final paper
> for an american studies course on the 1960s. i'm interested in the
> views of the vietnam war during and immediately following the years
> of the war as compared to current views. i.e. what was important to
> you about the war during the time, and, in hind sight, how have your
> values evolved? are there topics that went hand in hand with a
> discussion of the war years ago that you wouldn't bother to dicuss
> now, and likewise are there topics that you could have a heated
> discussion about now that you wouldn't have thought about then.
> i would really appreciate a few minutes of your time concerning
> this matter. i hope that i have not been too vague. mailing address
> is