Re: capitalism/communism

Marc J. Gilbert (
Mon, 22 Apr 1996 23:45:54 -0400

I would like to publically thank Tony Williams for his comments on
classical Marxism and neeconservativism. The convering ethos of the
debate cannot live in a capitalism is good, Marxism is evil
diachotomy, as that precludes learning from mistakes and the idea of
progress from where we are now. Triumphalism is a terrible foe, for
it leds to horror and the diminishing of humanity. Marxist-
Leninists failed to learn that lesson even in their Gulags.
Neoconservatives--whose zeal is disturbingly identical to
Stalinists--should take note that pride goeth before the fall and that
they can make a Blade Runner World without half the effort of the
Khmer Rouge in making the Killing Fields because their financial
resources are so much greater. One can do great evil using policies
derived either of the extremes of the political spectrum. The point
is to keep trying, for as a Vietnamese poet said at the height of
the violence of the Second Indochina War, if we cannot live with our
brothers, with whom then shall we live? It is hard to live at all in
a world of fear and wide dispartities of wealth.