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Aron Kay (
Mon, 22 Apr 1996 23:37:56 -0400

I heard it's on May 15. He will be at Wetlands in NYC on 4/27/96 with the
Church of Phun

Aron Kay

On Sun, 21 Apr 1996, Elizabeth Gips wrote:

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> At 10:44 PM 4/20/96 -0400, Stu Shiffman and Andi Shechter wrote:
> >I know Hugh Romney (Wavy Gravy) a tiny bit from my years in Berkeley,
> in fact Wavey Gravey is having a big birthday paraty for himself to raise
> money for Seva - it's in Berkeley in May; I don't have the exact date now,
> but I'll get it and send it out if you want me to do so. Some members of
> the Dead are playing and many other people.