Re: Summer 96 Tours to Vietnam

S. Graw (
Mon, 8 Apr 1996 20:12:48 -0400

>Does anyone know of any trips planned to Vietnam this summer? Please respond
>b/c, and thaks for your help.
Dear Jack Sbrega: the fish are jumping out of the water on this one
nowadays - there's good $$ to be had in has-been revolutions! A reputable
source about possibly reputable tours is John McAuliff & friends at the
US_Indochina Reconciliation Project in NYC. <> They
publish an occasional newsletter, "Indochina Interchange," where full page
ads from Mobil Oil and tour organizers are juxtaposed to plaints about
landmines and announcements of educational exchanges.......Strange but up
front (John is a friend of mine). they could use a small donation for the
newsletter, but check out the e-mail response first. If you like to voice
it or fax it, try 212-764-3925 or -3896 fax. Have fun, take a lot of
film, and don't catch anything. sgraw
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