Re: NOW in the 1960's and the 1990's [2 responses]
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NOW's papers are at the Schlesinger Library at Harvard University. However,
you must request permission from NOW in DC to use the papers and they are
terrible at responding to requests.

David Allyn


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Subject: Re: NOW in the 1960's and the 1990's

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Subject: Re: NOW in the 1960's and the 1990's

I have a couple of suggestions: some may speak specifically of NOW and
others may have detailed bibliographies that would be useful to look into:

Ethel Klein, *Gender Politics*
Verta Taylor, *Social Movement Continuity*
Sara Evans *Born for Liberty*
Alice Echols, *Daring to be Bad*
Georgia Duerst-Lahti, "The Government's Role in Building the Women's
Carol McClurg Mueller, *Collective Consciousness*
Aldon Morris and Carol McClurg Mueller, *Frontiers in Social Movement

The last one is a theory book, but it has good, detailed information
about the women's rights movement. I would also contact the NOW directly
for additional information and supplemental advice.

Best of luck,
Nina Daneshvar
Department of Political Science
University of California, Irvine