Weather Underground (multiple posts)
Wed, 3 Apr 1996 11:58:51 -0500

Subject: Weather Underground Web Site

Jeff, have you tried the Labadie Collection of alternative literature
at the University of Michigan's Grad Library? It's one of the best
sources of information on protest movements--right in your own back yard!
Also check with the reference librarians in the library--you may have to
make an appointment with one of them to have an in-depth conversation.
Don't just talk to a person at the reference desk--ask specifically for
a *librarian*. Good luck on your search. It's a great idea.
Ronda Glikin
Eastern Michigan University Library

Sender: (James L. Wood)
Subject: Re: SDS/Weather Underground

Hal Jacobs edited a book called Weatherman.

>I am currently doing research for a web page on the Weather Underground.
>I am surprised by the lack of coverage of this group, SDS, and all
>sixties groups on the web. I was wondering what your opinions are
>regarding the lack of coverage of the sixties' political groups and SDS
>and the Weather Underground in particuliar. Obviously you can point to
>the lack of writings on these groups in other forms of media. Then, why
>do you feel they are under represented in all forms of media? Thank you.