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Daniel --
Robert Brustien's memoir from that period (I cannot think of the title)
might be of interest to you. He was then Dean of Yale's School of Drama and
ran into serious conflict attempting to maintain his mask of liberal
thinking while dealing with the Panthers and with a rapidly radicalized
student body, especially the black student body.
You might also ask people about the visit to New Haven of The
Living Theatre during this period of time. (See Judith Malina's published
diaries and, I beleive, a new book from her about to come out) The
"Living's" performance of Paradise Now, which ended with cast and (some)
audience streaming into the streets of New Haven nude, being arrested, and
staging a vigil at the police station was another of the events which
shaped that period at Yale.
Hannon Resnikov, now co-artistic director of the Living, was then an
undergrad at Yale who was so transformed by the experience that he gave up
his pre-med or pre-engineering work (I forget which) and joined the

Dave DeRose

On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, Daniel Myers wrote:

> Is there anyone here who was involved in the Yale-New Haven events in
> early 1970?
> In the late 60's, the Black Panthers were active at Yale University. In
> 1970, there was a general strike at Yale, which had much to do with events
> and policies in the Yale-New Haven area.
> In my on-line publication (the campus radical's commentary),
> I have archived an amazing pamphlet from that set of events, titled "Go to
> school, Learn to rule...The Yale Method".
> I need to know more about the authorship of this pamphlet, so I'm looking
> for people who had first-hand knowledge of it's production.
> If you address your response to this discussion group, please e-mail it to
> me privately too.
> Thanks.
> Daniel Myers

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