Re: FBI and the counterculture

Wed, 3 Apr 1996 11:44:41 -0500

Re: Bob's question on the FBI and the Counterculture. I'm a little confused
if you meant the counterculture in the more specific sense (e.g., hippies,
communes, etc.) or in the larger sense of the Movement. I haven't seen much
on the FBI's interest in the counterculture (narrow); in fact, I would rather
doubt that, bizarre as their fantasies were about the New Left), the FBI was
greatly interested in the counterculture per se; could be wrong, of course
--there's no limit to the surprises with the FBI.
But if you mean the larger context of the Movement, I'd check out Ward
Churchill & Jim Vander Wall's "Agents of Repression" (South End), which focuses
on the Black Panthers and American Indian Movement, and their "The COINTELPRO
Papers" which is a documentary account of the FBI's program against the
Panthers, the New Left (SDS, etc.), the American Indian Movement, the Puerto
Rican Independence Movement, the Socialist Worker's Party, and even the
Communist Party.
Bear in mind, the FBI saw "Communists" wherever it looked.

Ted Morgan