Re: "Decade of Protest"

Marc J. Gilbert (
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 22:43:35 -0500

More Info:

I think I responded privately to Archie Loss's request for info
about an exhibit involving posters and graphic art of the sixties
including Vietnamese and American propaganda posters. Others
have commented since, but without provided exact details as to how
one goes about getting the exhibit yourself, or finding out about the
coming national tour. So . . .

The exhibit, created by the non-profit Center for the Study
of Political Graphics (8142 West Third Street, Suite 211
Los Angleles, CA 90048; 213-653-4662 and FAX 213-653-6991)
was shown at Track 16 Gallery (Bergamont Station, 2525 Michigan
Ave., Building C, Santa Monica, CA 90404, 310-264-4678 and FAX
310-264-4682) an arts community in Santa Monica, California. The
exhibit just closed. It was fabulous and a great introduction to
the holdings of the Center, which makes political posters available
to groups throughtout the country. Groups can order from their
catalog and literally choose to make their own exhibit. The Center
then ships the posters and arranges for their return. I happen to be
working with one of its folk to make the posters more widely available
and increase the collection: more about that later.

The exhibit focused on the Decade of Protest, 1965-1975 in the US,
Vietnam and Cuba, and principally uses the Vietnam War as a common
theme. The catalog is very good, with about 50 color reproductions.
It will cost $25.00 plus $3.00 handling from Track 16/Smart Art Press
at the Santa Monica address given above. Get one. It will make a
terrific teaching tool. Call Track 16 to find out about dates and
how near the travelling version of the exhibit will be to you.