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Fri, 22 Mar 1996 11:14:19 -0500

Sixties Folk,

The Sixties Project Web site and the the SIXTIES-L list were chosen today for
inclusion in the list of scholarly resources maintained by the _Chronicle of
Higher Education_. It's a very selective list (for example, we're one of only
30 History resources) and we're delighted to be part of it.

I've added a "What's New?" section to the Sixties Project Web site so that
visitors can make sure to catch our recent additions. Right now I'm working on
placing the full text of the _Report of the National Advisory Commission on
Civil Disorders_ (1967) on-line. It should be done next month.

Daniel Ellsberg just gave his support to our project of placing the full-text of
the Sen. Gravel edition of the Pentagon Papers on-line.

The SIXTIES-L went down right after I asked which primary documents we ought to
place on-line at the Sixties Project Web site, so I'll ask the question again,
hoping to spur some discussion of what resources we should make available and
how we might go about locating them and getting permissions for placing them

Several folks suggested Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Riverside Church speech, the
speech where he came out against the war in Viet Nam. I think this is a great
idea. Does anyone know who we ought to contact (and does anyone want to
volunteer to contact) the people who could grant us permission to post this (and
perhaps other) King speeches?

Sandra Hollin Flowers has graciously undertaken to try and secure permissions
for us to place important documents of Sixties black nationalism on-line and is
currently preparing an annotated bilbiography on the topic.

David J. DeRose has given us a terrific bibliography of Viet Nam war drama and
is working on getting us permission to place full scripts of hard-to-find plays

If any of you folks have areas of expertise and connections which could help us
with the work of making important Sixties publications available over the
Internet, please contact me.


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