Red Diaper Babies

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I can agree that it might be considered inflamatory,
but it does help raise the somewhat unpleasant sets of
questions that are deeply embedded in the sixties,
whether we trace out the problems of the growth of
the 'ecology movement' from being merely more than the
pedestrian 'sierra club' efforts to save 'wilderness'
to the more extreme variations that view the GeoPolitical
problems as a side effect and consequence of being WasteFulPeople.

There of course IS the amusement, in this current campaign year,
of seeing Patrick Buchanan try and develop some form of "workers"
based 'peasants with pitchforks' revolt against those of us who
have been able to stay up on the cutting edge of technology and
who have NOT been suffering the dislocations of the End of the
Cold War, married to the actual change of the market place. And it
would be best to develop the sort of 'standards' for Group Guilt
that will allow us to evaluate whether or not this is a good Idea
or a Bad Idea - and whether or not guilt CAN be passed Genetically,
or whether we should hold the person to an ethical standard for
precisely WHAT they had done. Clearly if there is now a champion
in the GOP Party for the problems of wage disparity, is this merely
more EVIDENCE that the GOP has been under Communist Domination since
Nixon Opened China? Or that at long last, having Vanquished the Evil Empire
we can now return to Normalcy?

Likewise with the alledged END of the Cold War, where is that Peace Dividend
that was the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow after we had VANQUISHED
the RedHordes and their FellowTravellors.

I would also argue, that just as the Bifurcation inside the GI Brat
Community lead to the differenciation between 'los internationales'
who had been abroad, and actively involved in foreign cultures and
those who had remained CONUS, either mentally or physically, and hence
that there are grave fractures within that Group as to where the USA should
be going, and our needs for involvement around the World. I would Presume
that the 'Red Diapers' would likewise have unresolved allignment questions
that need to be addressed and resolved. If for no other reason that to
establish whether or not Patrick Buchanan is REALLY a Red Agent, As in BAD,
or a Red Agent, as in Good, for coming to the aid of the working class.

Oh for the Simpler Days when anyone who supported the EVIL EMPIRE was BAD,
and those who went abroad did so to keep america safe from the Red Peril.
Now you can't tell which PinkoLiberal is a Good Guy or just more of the same.