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Responding to the comment that some US Marines reported British marines
among them in their basic training, and the query if anyone else had
similar experience, I can attest to this:

During my basic training at Ft. Ord, California, in July and August,
1968, in Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Training Brigade, one
gentleman in the training cycle with us represented himself as a
35-year-old Briton who had served as an enlisted man and then as an
officer in the British Army, and who saw the image of the American Army
Officer as even more prestigious, -- so he planned to serve a hitch as an
enlisted man in the US Army, and do all the things it would take to
become both a US citizen and a US Army officer.
I never saw the man again after basic training. Most of my companions
and I -- who were not enjoying military experience in basic -- considered
the man a joyful masochist, since he relished all the activities we
simply hoped to endure. At the time, he seemed to be one man with a
personal goal that seemed untoward to most of us who were not interested
in a military career. I have no way to tell whether he might have been
part of a surreptitious program injecting British officers and EM into
the SE Asia "games" or not.

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Tony Williams mentions British marines training with GIs during the war. I
can verify from personal experience that this was so in at least one case.
When I was undergoing jungle combat operations training in the Panama Canal
Zone in 1970 I became friendly with a British marine capt. who was
undergoing the same training with me. He said he and his colleagues (none
of whom I met) were taking the training as "observors."

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