Woodstock & Haight Ashbury (multiple posts)

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It is too bad the Haight Ashbury became commerialized and veered away
from its original community-minded spirit in the course of about one
year. I think one reason behind this may have been the reliance on
hallucanogenic drugs as a kind of substitute for religion, and with each
person having their own vision with these drugs there was no clear sense
of direction for the Haight Ashbury as a spiritual community. Thus within
a few years, people began searching for religious communities which they
could join.
- Steve Denney
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>One of the very interesting books on the San Francisco Summer of Love is
>which is published by Ivan Dee Publishers and is available in paper. I
>have used it in courses and students enjoy it very much.

I'm pretty certain that I'm mentioned in that book. I remember hitchhiking
somewhere many years back and picking up the book which was in the back of
the car. It opened to my name if I remember correctly. Von Hoffman
visited my "House on Love Street", and we took him to a large communal acid
drop at Holidays or Aum Commune. When he asked me quizzically what all
those "strangely acting people" were doing, I answered, "If you had never
had sex and saw people making love, what would you make of it?"
He answered, "I wouldn't understand at all. It would look very strange."
"Well, I can't explain to you what the LSD experience is either," I
answered. "You have to experience it."
I may be wrong, but my memory is that he did, indeed, partake of the
experience shortly after,

love, Elizabeth Gips

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