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Have you looked at Ken Kesey's / Tom Wolfe's take on Leary's "proper set
and setting" in _The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test_. It's been a "few"
years since I read it, but I seem to remember Leary, or at least his
followers, being protrayed as rather insistent about LSD only being used
within a larger spiritual search/setting. But, as I said, it has been a
few years.

Dave DeRose


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On attitudes toward Tim Leary. Abbie Hoffman, always the punster, said he was
"leery of Leary." That remark summed up the views that many people had. There
was definitely ambivalence. Suspicion of him, and yet tolerance and
of him. Because he had the same enemies - the gov't - as many protestors and
radicals he was often treated as a friend.

Jonah Raskin