Ideology and Utopia

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Deepak's post and responses on the list evoke the utopian side of the hip
scene in 66-68. My own life's course has been to move from the spiritual to
the material aspect of "revolution." For many that means social and
political activism. As a reminder that the '60s era is far from just an
exercise in nostalgia, many list people may wish to know that the following
social action is in the works (though the awareness on this channel
indicates my little post may not be new news to many!):

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Subject: CAN-RW digest 170

CAN-RW Digest 170

Topics covered in this issue include:

1) March 14 Day of Action
by (Rich Cowan)

As my previous message alluded to, the Center for Campus Organizing
has been talking with dozens of organizations for the last 2 months about
a Spring Day of Action. Although these organizations -- including SEAC,
DSA, Speak Out, the UC Student Association -- have not agreed on
everything, we have agreed on one thing: a unified date of Thursday, March
14, for a National Day of Action on Access to Education, Affirmative Action, and
Immigrants' Rights.

If you are interested in getting involved in the initial stages of action
planning, please subscribe to the new list:

To do this, please send email to:

with the contents of the message:

sub action96 Firstname Lastname

Updates will continue to be posted on can-rw for the time being. But
Action96 will be a *much* more active list. Please feel free to forward
this message.

If you have any questions, feel free to call CCO at 617-354-9363.

Rich Cowan (

for the staff of the
Center for Campus Organizing
Box 748, Cambridge, MA 02142


End of CAN-RW Digest 170

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