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It may be of some interest that the oft stated reason Mel Gibson's family
moved to Australia was opposition to the Vietnam War. Apparently Mel's
father was opposed for religious reasons. I have always had the impression
that Mel's father belonged to one of those interesting sects that continue
to pop up in the Burnt Over District. I am not sure of the truth of this
story since Australia was well and truly involved in the Vietnam War.

>From an Australian perspective Braveheart could possibly reflect the
anti-Englishness of Australians, even those of us with a bit of English
blood are want to emphasise our Scottish or Irish lineage. Mel of course was
in Gallipoli that great anti-English Australian film of the 1970s. That film
was very much tempered by the anti-Vietnam War sentiment of its makers. It
reinvented an Australian myth (the fruition of Australia character and the
making of the 'nation' in WWI through the deeds of the ANZACs) and gave it
an anti-war slant. Great story, rotten history, but as one of Murdoch's
scribes ventured recently "it's our myth and we will do with it what we will."

Ian Gordon
KvB College of Visual Communication
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A comment:

An interesting critique of films by Randy Fertel. However, after two tours
of combat (and I do mean combat) I am happy to say that my Zippo never
touched a hootch. I know Zippo Raids took place, some with cause, others

We all carry a blood wound from Viet Nam. I truly resent the connection made
between the character in "First Night" and that of the Viet Nam Veteran.
Please understand that the war was in fact wrong. Look to our leadership at
the time, not to those who fought the war.

I carry my own deep emotional wounds from my two tours and the physical ones
from two wounds. We, the United States destroyed a culture. I personally will
never come to terms with the 3,000,000 Vietnamese we left dead.

C Thom Michel