The Invasion Plot

drieux H. (
Wed, 24 Jan 1996 23:39:01 -0500

] I think this is from drieux...
] > I will not debate the effectiveness of meditation on ending
] >the war, since clearly the other efforts were about as effective.
] It certainly FELT like antiwar activism wasn't having much or any effect on
] ending the war, [...] Check Tom Wells' recent book for the impact on
] consecutive administration's thinking.

You will forgive me, I am unfamiliar with this text,
does he help explain operations in Angola, Lebanon,
the MiniInvasionComplexOfReagan, who may not have
remembered Bombing a Variety of countries....

And does he help explain What WORSE thing could
have occurred had the Imperial Guard not been
thwarted from interventions/invasions....

] At least there's some hard evidence here that we CAN debate, whereas with
] meditation, uh....
] So, drieux, I'd be interested in your response to my earlier post re. U.S.
] invading Vietnam, bombing So. Vietnam, and other historical "inaccuracies."
] Ted Morgan

I had put forth the question,

Having Served as an American Naval Petty Officer
in Her Majesties Royal Air Force Sargent's Mess
while stationed in the UK, does this instantiate
that I was a Part of the American Invasion of the UK?

so that we could develop some guide lines of when american
personnel were members of an Invasion Force, and when they
were merely stationed abroad under the standing "Status of Forces Abroad"
agreements between the two government. But it was rejected as not
being germaine to the discussion of the War In Vietnam.

I find it rather interesting that you find the USA having
invaded Vietnam PRIOR to the Gulf of Tonkien Resolution and
then turn around and suggest that the USA did NOT invade
Central America as if Operations in Gutamala and El Salvadore
were in some way unique and distinct from the operations that
were being conducted in vietnam PRIOR to the Gulf of Tonkien Resolution.
An Anomaly in the use of the Term "invasion" that clearly complicates
the Discourse one more time. I am specifically avoiding the Operations
in Nicaragua, since we need not tarnish President Carter for signing
the findings against the Sandinistas, albeit it was depressing to
watch Commandante Zero Exit from the New Marxist Regime there after
having fought so hard to depose the Somoza Dictatorship.

But basically, I think we concur that the efficacy of Levitating
the Pentagon may have been in the Mind of the Beholder....