Re: Art in the Sixties

Wendy Thurman (
Wed, 24 Jan 1996 23:40:46 -0500

Some more thoughts/observations on the art of the times; particularly
photography (which is what I do, so I should be on a bit more stable ground
with this one!)

This period saw the rise of some very good photographers; Annie Leibovitz is
one of the more well-known of Jan Wenner's crop- who can ever forget the
shot of Greg and Duane Allman asleep on the tour bus? Richard Avedon
elevated fashion photography to an art form. But for sheer searing imagery,
was there anyone who captured the evolution and darkness of the times as
eloquently as Diane Arbus? What demons haunted this woman, that she shot
the marginalized, the outcasts, and the downright bizarre? And why did she
kill herself- did she see the horrors to come, or was it the horrors of the
moment? I have often wondered at her motivations; if anyone has any
thoughts on this I would appreciate hearing them.


Wendy Thurman