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Elizabeth Gips (
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 21:48:48 -0500

I'll have to do some research and will get back to you.
> Some People are not ready for the Trip.
>Most of the "bad trips" that I dealt with came under that
>rubrik, since the kids using it had more InBuiltParanoia
>than they were ready to deal with. Granted, bad chemistry
>probably accounts for most of the other cases.

Many cases were combinations of drugs....however, I maintain that on
entheogens one often enters the generally shared subconscious of the race
as well as any areas of individual difficulties. The fear of shortages,
prevelant amongst most species and endemic in the human species, had a long
history of horrible territorialism, leading to such insanities as war, the
war on the poor etc. To tap in to these areas in heightened awareness is
very uncomfortable, but it can also lead to greater understanding and
>. { we have a long heritage of
>Black Sheep in my family. }

black sheep probably means people on the leading edge, the rebellious,
creative and disaffected who refuse to participate in the general
strictures of the "established" society, right?

cartesian co-ordinate problems, since
>this 'compute intensive' sequence generally tended to regulate
>and slow down the data flow until I was again able to let it
>play itself out in fractals/mandella.

That's wonderful.
>{ I will not debate the effectiveness of meditation on ending
>the war, since clearly the other efforts were about as effective. }

>p4: What I still do NOT understand is why 'getting high' was/is
>listed as a "PROBLEM" to begin with?
>p5: What I find most depressing in the Failed Dialog was that folks
>were TOTALLY unwilling to address the question of "work v. play"
>as being the essential Anxiety Point. Here are Hippies doing what
>they Like, and getting by, and hence this is BAD, since they are
>not SUFFERING with Work.

Capitalism depends on a large unemployed or underemployed workforce,
sometimes known as slave labor (especially regarding the past).
Psychedelics, don't you think, give awareness of the game as not a gain,
and therefore they are dangerous. With at least 1/3 of highschool people
admitting marijuana use, radical change is already upon us. Myself, I
dropped out of a large business in 1968, and I truthfully haven't really
been gainfully employed since. I don't know that I look back on the late
60's with sentimental attachment; the changes were not easy, and
personally I'm much happier today. BUT they were revolutionary, and the
Vietnam War fit in to the general picture of radical change. If many of
the vets became yuppies and CEO's, they're having their lessons of the 60's
reinacted today at another turn of the spiral. Do we repeat until we

Thanks for listening. Scholars may study that war or all wars indefinately,
but what we need is a way of re-routing the synaptic repetitions of
violence. I think we can and will, but I'm not holding my breath.

cia to you, Elizabeth


"Kind prince," continued Lao Tse, "there is nothing in the realm of ideas
that is absolute, therefore all efforts to form idealogies are ultimately
futile." Lao Tse from the Hua Hu Ching
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