Re: vietnam veteran nurse (fwd)

Wed, 10 Jan 1996 16:41:32 -0500 (EST)

Sender: epm2@Lehigh.EDU (EDWARD P. MORGAN)
Subject: Re: vietnam veteran nurse (fwd)

> Perhaps one of the members of this list
>could suggest someone or some organization to contact. The nurse should be
>from New York City or the Nassau/Suffolk Long Island area. I had been in
>contact with a nurse from central New Jersey, but we both agreed that it was
>too far for her to travel. My name and address is:
>Mary Ingui, Ph.D.

Mary, I've had nurses visit my class along with vets for several years --local
ones, that is. But if you get stuck, you might contact Bobbie Trotter at2848
Klein St. Allentown, PA (610-791-5595) & she might be able to put you into
contact with someone from NY area; she's been highly involved nationally,
including with the women's memorial.

Ted Morgan