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Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 13:58:51 EST

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    You might find the Australian Literature Gateway of interest. AusLit was
    produced (and is maintained) by the Australian Defence Force Academy at the
    University of New South Wales with funding from the Australian Research
    Council. It is notable because it is the first implementation of the IFLA
    Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (1998), which implements
    the work-expression-manifestation-item model.

    While it will eventually only be available by subscription, it is free for
    a trial period at

    The manual for creating records can be found here:

    In addition to the implementation of the IFLA model, it is also noteworthy
    for its use of standards and innovative technology.

              Java 1.3 programming language and runtime
              Tomcat (current production release) open source servlet
              Apache (current production release) open source web server
              Xerces-J 1.3 open source XML parser
              Xalan-J 2.1 open source XSL processor
              Oracle 8i database
              OCLC Z39.50 Java library for interrogating holdings
    information from NLA's Kinetica service
              Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 web client used for data

    They are exploring the use of Topic Maps for "event modeling."

    We are currently considering inviting Marie-Louise Ayers (and perhaps two
    assistants, one a programmer, and the other a librarian) to visit UVa.

    Please have a look.


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