From: Daniel Pitti (
Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 10:37:55 EDT

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    In looking at the schedules everyone sent me, Monday afternoons 3:30-5 or
    most anytime Friday will work for everyone. The only problem is that when I
    look at corporate time, there appears never to be a Monday or Friday on
    which everyone is available. A busy group.

    I have gone ahead and scheduled 3 meetings on Mondays, from 3:30-5 PM:
    October 1, 15, and November 5. On one or more of these days, one or more of
    you have conflicts. Some appear to be meetings or commitments that are
    tentative. And so maybe it will work out.

    Let me know if you do have a problem with these times. If we cannot get at
    least 3 together, then I'll try for other days.


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