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Dear Humanist,

ICT Guides is a service offered by the Arts and Humanities Data
Service (AHDS) at King's College, London. It seeks to promote the use
of ICTs in research and learning through cataloging best-practice
digital arts and humanities projects along with the tools and methods
they employed.

The following new projects have been added to ICT Guides in


  From Partition to Direct Rule: 50 Years of Northern Ireland
Parliamentary Debates Online (Stormont Papers)

" Casting a unique and valuable light on the development of Northern
Ireland, the Papers consist of the Parliamentary Papers of the
devolved government of Northern Ireland from June 7 1921 to the
dissolution of Parliament in March 28 1972. They make up 84 printed
volumes - around 93,000 pages and 74 million words. Based on the
model of British Hansard, the papers record the utterances of MPs
sitting at the Stormont Parliament within the first period of Home
Rule. " See:
List of New Projects:
     * The Reading Experience Database 1450-1945 (RED)
     * From Partition to Direct Rule: 50 Years of Northern Ireland
Parliamentary Debates Online (Stormont Papers)
     * Nineteenth Century Serials Edition
     * The Sheffield Corpus of Chinese
     * Plebeian Lives and the Making of Modern London, 1690-1800
     * The Historical Thesaurus of English (HTE)
     * Multidimensional Visualisation of Archival Finding Aids
     * North Sea Palaeolandscapes
     * The Jean Froissart Project
     * Dynamic encoding of historical documents: people, property and
rights in 18th century Corsican notaries acts
     * A Shape Retrieval System for Watermark Images
     * Masks for Menander: imaging and enactment
     * Web Access to Rock Art: the Beckensall Archive of
Northumberland Rock Art
     * Representing and enacting knowledge about producing Tibetan
text-critical editions
     * The digital and computer-based arts in the United Kingdom from
their origins to 1980
     * Mapping the medieval urban landscape: Edward I's 'new towns' of
England and Wales
     * The Edinburgh Historical Linguistic Atlases & Text Corpora:
Early Middle English and Older Scots
     * The Perdita Project: Early modern women's manuscript compilations
     * The Canterbury Tales Project
     * The clergy of the Church of England database, 1540-1835
     * Study of Norse-Celtic place-names in the frontier zone of the
medieval province of Moray. A pilot project for the Scottish
place-name database
     * The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: a revised and enlarged database
     * Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
     * Cataloguing the archives of the Trades Union Congress, 1970-90
     * Activated Space: the transformation of internal spaces to
become audible and interactive
     * Reconstructing the Quseiri Arabic Documents (RQAD)
     * Wa dictionary and internet database for minority languages of Burma
     * Pockets of history: production and consumption of women's
tie-on pockets in Britain from 1690-1914
     * Medieval settlements and landscapes in the Whittlewood area

Suggestions for new projects most welcome.

Kind Regards,

Craig Bellamy

Dr Craig Bellamy
Research Associate
ICT Guides, AHDS,
King's College, London
26 - 29 Drury Lane
3rd Floor
King's College London
Phone: 020 7848 1976
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