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Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 07:28:18 +0100

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         Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 07:16:53 +0100
         From: Geoffrey Rockwell <georock_at_mcmaster.ca>
         Subject: TAPoR version 1.0

Announcing TAPoR version 1.0

We have just updated the Text Analysis Portal for Research (TAPoR) to
version 1.0 and invite you to try it out.

The new version will not appear that different from previous
versions. The main difference is that we are now tracking data about
tool usage and have a survey that you can complete after trying the
portal in order to learn more about text analysis in humanities

You can get a free account from the home page of the portal. If you
want an introduction you can look at the following pages:

Streaming video tutorials are at http://training.tapor.ca

Text analysis recipes to help you do things are at: http://

Starting points can be found at http://tada.mcmaster.ca/Main/TAPoR

The survey is at http://taporware.mcmaster.ca/phpESP/public/

A tour, tutorial, and useful links are available on the home page,

Please try the new version and give us feedback.


Geoffrey Rockwell
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