20.582 the hammer of art, once again

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         From: Bernard Marszalek <ztangi_at_lmi.net>
         Subject: Re: 17.133 the hammer of art (or computing, for that matter)


Sorry to burst into your life like this...

....I'm old enough to be apologetic and yet "modern" enough to be in a hurry!

I am searching for a reference to a quote wrongly attributed to
Brecht. I'm sure you know which one I mean, yes, "Art is not a mirror etc etc.

Do you have a reference?

I would be most appreciative and will send you a poster or five (?),
if you can supply one.

my daughter got this far:

"well lots of people use the quote (correctly), except wikipedia...
but the origin is elusive, and i've spent all the time i could on it
for now. seems like The Guardian in 1974 is quoted a lot as when that
quote popped up, but he was already dead by then so that's weird...
here's the google search:

and here's more info on the The Guardian according to

"The Guardian," 11 Dec 1974"

to see the poster in question which we (the artist Doug Minkler and
me, his printer) want to revise go here:

Doug has jumped the gun and placed M... in place of B.. on the web
version but the 18 x 24 printed poster waits for a correct reference
to clear up the confusion.

Thanks for your help!

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