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         Subject: Version 67, Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Version 67 of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing
Bibliography is now available from Digital Scholarship.
This selective bibliography presents over 2,960 articles,
books, and other printed and electronic sources that are
useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing
efforts on the Internet.


New versions of SEPB are announced on DigitalKoans:

RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/DigitalKoans

The Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography: 2006
Annual Edition is also available from Digital Scholarship.
Annual editions of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing
Bibliography are PDF files designed for printing.


For a discussion of the numerous changes in my digital
publications since my resignation from the University
of Houston Libraries, see:


Changes in This Version

The bibliography has the following sections (revised sections
are marked with an asterisk):

Table of Contents

1 Economic Issues*
2 Electronic Books and Texts
       2.1 Case Studies and History*
       2.2 General Works*
       2.3 Library Issues*
3 Electronic Serials
       3.1 Case Studies and History*
       3.2 Critiques
       3.3 Electronic Distribution of Printed Journals*
       3.4 General Works*
       3.5 Library Issues*
       3.6 Research*
4 General Works*
5 Legal Issues
       5.1 Intellectual Property Rights*
       5.2 License Agreements*
6 Library Issues
       6.1 Cataloging, Identifiers, Linking, and Metadata*
       6.2 Digital Libraries*
       6.3 General Works*
       6.4 Information Integrity and Preservation*
7 New Publishing Models*
8 Publisher Issues*
       8.1 Digital Rights Management*
9 Repositories, E-Prints, and OAI*
Appendix A. Related Bibliographies
Appendix B. About the Author
Appendix C. SEPB Use Statistics

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Resources includes
the following sections:

Cataloging, Identifiers, Linking, and Metadata*
Digital Libraries*
Electronic Books and Texts*
Electronic Serials*
General Electronic Publishing*
Repositories, E-Prints, and OAI*
SGML and Related Standards

Further Information about SEPB

The XHTML version of SEPB is designed for interactive use. Each
major section is a separate file. There are links to sources
that are freely available on the Internet. It can be
searched using a Google Search Engine. Whether the search
results are current depends on Google's indexing frequency.

In addition to the bibliography, the XHTML document includes:

(1) Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog (biweekly list of
new resources; also available by e-mail--see second
URL--and RSS Feed--see third URL)




(2) Scholarly Electronic Publishing Resources (directory of
over 270 related Web sites)


(3) Archive (prior versions of the bibliography)


Related Article

An article about the bibliography has been published
in The Journal of Electronic Publishing:


Best Regards,
Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
Digital Scholarship
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Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography/Weblog
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