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Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 06:24:04 +0100

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         Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 06:17:04 +0100
         From: Lily Diaz <diaz_at_uiah.fi>
         Subject: Image and Map Annotation Notebook release 1.0

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are really happy to announce the release of ImaNote 1.0 version.

ImaNote - (Image and Map Annotation Notebook) is
a web-based multi-user tool that allows you, and
your friends, to display a high-resolution image
or a collection of images online and add
annotations and links to them. You simply mark an
area on an image (e.g. a map) and write an annotation related to the point.

You can keep track of the annotations using RSS
(Really Simple Syndication) or link to them from
your own blog/web site/email. The links lead right to the points in the=

The user management features include resetting
lost passwords and account email verification.
Through the group management features you can
create communities that share images and publish annotations.

ImaNote is Open Source and Free Software released
under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

ImaNote is a Zope product, written in Python,
with a javascript-enhanced interface. Zope and
ImaNote run on almost all Operating Systems
(GNU/Linux, MacOS X, *BSD, etc.) and Microsoft
Windows. It currently works with most modern
browsers including Mozilla Firefox, IE7 and Opera.

Imanote was developed as a collaboration between
the Systems of Representation and the Learning
Environments research groups of the Media Lab at
the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland.

For more information go to <http://imanote.uiah.fi>http://imanote.uiah.fi

With best regards,



Dr. Lily Diaz-Kommonen
Professor, Systems of Representation
& Digital Cultural Heritage
Media Lab
University of Art and Design Helsinki
135C HŠmeentie SF 00560
Helsinki, Finland
+ 358 9 75630 338
+ 358 9 75630 555 (FAX)
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