20.463 historical newspaper archives

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Dear Neven,

You should have a look at the National Digital Newspaper Program,
sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library
of Congress (http://www.neh.gov/projects/ndnp.html). The projects
funded though this initiative are preparing historic newspapers for
online presentation. The Library of Congress website is here:


It looks like that one includes technical specs and maybe links to

Though I'm not involved in the project, the University of Kentucky
Digital Libraries was one of the first groups funded through this
initiative, and is the only group (I am led to understand) that is
doing all the work in-house rather than contracting out. The UKy NDNP
site is here:


I expect the project leader would be glad to answer any questions you
might have.

Dot Porter

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 >Dear all,
 >could you point me toward what you consider to be examples of good online
 >presentation of a historical newspaper archive collection / database (i.
 >e. a newspaper, or parts of one, published long time ago, and now
 >available, or searchable, over the internet).  I conducted some Web
 >searches, but I am interested in quality of presentation now --- something
 >humans can assess better than search machines (and plures plura sciunt).
 >Neven Jovanovic
 >Zagreb, Hrvatska / Croatia
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