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         Subject: Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 11.2

Volume 11 Number 2 of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing is now
available on the SpringerLink web site at http://springerlink.com

The case of sculpting atmospheres: towards design principles for
expressive tangible interaction in control of ambient systems
Philip Ross, David V. Keyson
69 - 79

Capturing the effects of context on human performance in mobile
computing systems
Leon Barnard, Ji Soo Yi, Julie A. Jacko, Andrew Sears
81 - 96

Interacting with mobile services: an evaluation of camera-phones and
visual tags
Eleanor Toye, Richard Sharp, Anil Madhavapeddy, David Scott, Eben
Upton, Alan Blackwell
97 - 106

Sound, paper and memorabilia: resources for a simpler digital photography
David Frohlich, Jacqueline Fennell
107 - 116

Uses of accelerometer data collected from a wearable system
James F. Knight, Huw W. Bristow, Stamatina Anastopoulou, Chris Baber,
Anthony Schwirtz, Theodoros N. Arvanitis
117 - 132

Yesterday's tomorrows: notes on ubiquitous computing's dominant vision
Genevieve Bell, Paul Dourish
133 - 143

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