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Willard, Perry et al.

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> Ann Devenish, Publication Services Project Manager at Woods Hole
> Oceanographic Institute, notes that "Harvesting by OAIster is a
> primary 'selling point' when we talk to scientists and researchers
> about the visibility, accessibility, and impact of their
> contributions in an institutional repository. From their own
> experiences they know that a search using one of the popular search
> engines can bring back thousands (if not, millions) of results which
> will require careful and time-consuming screening, with no guarantee
> that they will ever get to the content they seek. A search of

Is this more about how a user uses the publicly available search
engines i.e. ability to focus and narrow a search? Wouldn't a better
selling point be complementarity? That is the proprietary data mining
(metadata processing / harvesting) product in addition to or along
with public search engines. There is many a time where a
pre-post-secondary school project has provided insight.

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